Summer Days, by Lenny Pelling

Polly and Jez were as close as two friends could be.
Two friends who had never met, that is.
They had learned about true friendship through letters, just like their mothers…
and their grandmothers.

Polly and Jez are wonderful friends – even though they have never met. They are pen pals, writing to each other just as their mothers and grandmothers have done for years. When Polly travels around Australia with her grandparents, Jez lives the journey using Polly’s postcards and her own imagination.

Summer Days is the first title in the new Pen Pals Forever series from Random House and author/illustrator Lenny Pelling. Written using a combination of third person narration and letter format, and with text accessible to beginning readers, this little offering celebrates friendship and the endangered art of letter writing. With black and white illustrations on every spread, and back of book tips for children to find and write to their own penpals, as well as the free gift of a pencil case with pencil and eraser, this will appeal especially to girls in the early years of school.

Very cute.

Pen-Pals Forever 1: Summer Days

Pen-Pals Forever 1: Summer Days, by Lenny Pelling
Random House, 2010

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