The Marriage Club, by Kate Legge

In the ensuite she washes briskly, her mind busy with all she must accomplish today. In her mirror, her face is a medley of excitement and sadness. Tears brim in her hazel eyes. She blinks them back, telling herself she’s no time for second thoughts.

When Leith plans to end her marriage by moving out, she tells no one – not her children, not her best friends, and certainly not her husband, George. But Leith doesn’t move out – because the night before she plans to leave she is killed. Is it an accident, or murder?

In the week that follows her death George uncovers her plans and the secrets that made up their marriage are gradually unravelled. Leith’s friends, too, find that their friend was not necessarily the person they thought she was.

The Marriage Club is a story which some might find confronting as it explores the truth behind relationships and friendships, and the ways which people cultivate public perceptions. Leith appears to be a perfect wife and mother, yet her marriage is strained and difficult. Her friends have their own secrets, which emerge as the week progresses. Readers will find themselves questioning how these secrets have remained so well hidden for so long, at the same time enjoying their unravelling.

An intriguing expose of contemporary society.

The Marriage Club

The Marriage Club, by Kate Legge
Penguin, 2010

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