April, by Gabrielle Lord

I was finally free to stand up. I stretched out my arms, and clenched and unclenched my aching fingers, sore from bearing the weight of Lachlan’s head. While the cop had been talking, my mind had been racing in overdrive – desperately thinking of a way to get my stuff and get out of there. More cops were coming and I knew that if I didn’t run, I’d be recognised and cuffed in no time. Psycho Kid, public enemy number one…the guy who’d attacked his uncle and put his sister in a coma.

Callum (Cal) Ormond has been on the run for three months, suspected of having tried to kill his sister and uncle, and being pursued by police, a private investigator and groups of baddies who want to kill him, for reasons he can’t grasp. What he does know is that he needs to keep on the run if he wants to stay alive. In the meantime, he must also solve the mysterious Ormond Riddle, which is his only chance at having a normal life again.

April is the fourth title in the Conspiracy 365 series, a fast paced action series from author Gabrielle Lord. With each of the eventual twelve titles being released in the month which bears its title, this series is both unique and satisfying in its blend of action and adventure. Like its predecessors, this title offers twists and turns and ends with a cliffhanger which will leave the reader looking forward to the May instalment.

April (Conspiracy 365)

April (Conspiracy 365), by Gabrielle Lord
Scholastic Australia, 2010

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