Snitch, as told to Jimmy Thomson

I’ve been on first name terms with some of the most notorious criminals in this country and some of the most famous policemen. I have collected money from pimps and gamblers and delivered bribes to corrupt cops. I have been shaken down by dirty cops and I have sat down with others who wouldn’t take a bribe if you offered it to them. I have seen violence you wouldn’t believe but I’ve never so much as slapped anyone myself…The Royal Commission gave me a codename. My friends called me The Inspector.

Few Aussie television shows of recent years have attracted the same kind of following as Underbelly. Based on true events in Australia’s gang underworld, it as been followed avidly, discussed over breakfast, at work, on the street. Snitch is not part of the Underbelly franchise, but will appeal to its fans. It is the first hand account of life in Kings Cross by someone who claims to have been intimately involved in the events depicted in the most recent series of the show.

”The Inspector” recounts the events to author Jimmy Thomson, giving his own perspective of what did and didn’t happen, and his own role in them. An accessible and intriguing text.

Snitch: Crooked Cops and Kings Cross Crims by the Man Who Saw it All

Snitch: Crooked Cops and Kings Cross Crims by the Man Who Saw it All, as told to Jimmy Thomson
Allen & Unwin, 2010

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