A Cyclone is Coming! by Darlene Oxenham

Pop was right! Yesterday afternoon the wind started blowing and has not yet stopped blowing since. I have never been in a cyclone before. In fact, I’m not even sure what a cyclone really is.

A cyclone is headed for Useless Loop. Annie isn’t really sure what a cyclone is, but her dad explains that it is a big storm that can do a lot damage. Annie and her family must work to prepare for the cyclone, to keep their caravan – and themselves – safe. When the cyclone hits Annie finds out exactly what it is.

A Cyclone is Coming is a new junior fiction title aimed at primary aged readers. Part of the Waarda series. Aimed at encouraging literacy and cultural awareness for Indigenous children and children of all backgrounds, A Cyclone is Coming offers an interesting story with simple text and illustrations to support meaning making.


A Cyclone is Coming , by Darlene Oxenham
Fremantle Press, 2013
ISBN 978192208934

Available from good bookstores or online.