Lilla and Shadown in Trouble, by Laura Dudgeon

Nan hesitated… ‘I’m worried about Shadow. He hasn’t been going to the mango tree lately. And he isn’t as black as he should be. I think he is fading. See if you can find out what’s been bothering him. He is acting very strangely and I can’t work out why.’

When Lilli had to move away to the city, her Nan send Shadow with her to help her settle. But now Shadow is back home, where he belongs, and Lilli has come to visit. Her excitement turns to concern when Nan reveals that Shadow isn’t well. Something is troubling him and Lilli and Nan must figure out what it is, and how to hep him.

Lilli and Shadow in Trouble is a short, exciting, chapter book adventure set in Kununurra and featuring a young girl and her guardian spirit friend Shadow. As well as being an intriguing adventure, this is also a story about friendship and environmental issues.

Part of the Waarda series, aimed at supporting the literacy needs of Indigenous children, Lilli and Shadow in Trouble will interest primary aged children of all backgrounds.


Lilli and Shadow in Trouble, by Laura Dudgeon and Sabrina Dudgeon
Fremantle Press, 2013
ISBN 9781922089359

Available from good bookstores and online.