Shipborn, by Pamela Freeman

Katie and her brother Sam are both shipborn – born in space aboard their parents’ space ship. Katie longs to visit Earth. She wants to see the soil, watch plants growing in their natural environment. Sam isn’t so sure. He’s quite content living in space.

Katie’s parents say they’re not taking them to Earth any time soon, so it appears Katie’s wish won’t be granted. Until her Gran decides to run away – abandoning the ship at a space station and seeking passage to Earth. Katie and Sam follow her to try to get her to come back to the ship and find themselves accidentally aboard a space ship headed for Earth. And this is no joy ride – the ship is destined for an illegal rendezvous with smugglers. Will they ever get to see Earth? At this point that’s not their biggest worry – they may have to fight just to stay alive.

Shipborn, by Pamela Freeman is a Blue Tadpole novel from Koala Books. Its fast pace, humour and space setting will appeal to 10 to 12 year old readers.

Pamela Freeman is a talented Australian writer who lives in Melbourne with her husband and young child. Her previous work includes Victor’s Quest, shorlisted for the 1997 Children’s Book Council awards and Pole to Pole, also shortlisted. Her stories frequently appear in the NSW School Magazine.

Shipborn, by Pamela Freeman
Koala Books, 2003