Two TV Spin-Offs from ABC Kids

If there are kids in your house, chances are that you know who Angela Anaconda and Bob the Builder are. The pair are regulars from the ABC for Kids afternoon line up. Now, ABC Books has two offerings for young fans which would make perfect Christmas gift ideas.

Angela Anaconda is the queen of one-liners and silly jokes, so it is little surprise to see a book full of them. Angela Anaconda: My Book of Stupid Jokes is crammed full of silliness – jokes, puns, knock-knocks and more. Complemented with illustrations of all the show’s characters – Angela herself, Johnny Havati, Gina Lash, Gordy Rhinehart, even Nanette Manoir and Mrs Brinks.

Perfect for young fans of the show (some of the jokes would be unclear for anyone who hadn’t watched it), this little book has a nice little price too – just $5.95 (rrp).

For Bob the Builder fans comes the Bob the Builder Bumper Book, Volume Three. This a part story book, part activity book, with plenty of tales based on episodes of the show, along with picture puzzles and introductions to all the members of Bob’s team.

The range of stories will cater for children of differing ages and abilities, with variations in the numbers of pictures and words. There is also a rhebus story (a story where some of the words are replaced with picture clues) and even a Christmas story.

Unlike some activity-style books, there are no activities which require the child to draw in the book, which ensures its longevity. There are also plenty of opportunities for parent-child interaction, with many of the activities inviting children to ‘talk about’ or ‘discuss’ the pictures.

At just $12.95 (rrp) this, again, would be a great Christmas gift.

ABC Book titles are available from ABC Shops and Centres, online and in other good bookstores.

Angela Anaconda: My Stupid Book of Jokes, by David Lewman
ABC Books, 2003

Bob the Builder Bumper Book Volume Three, by Brenda Apsley
ABC Books, 2003