Mulga Bill's Bicycle and Other Classics, by A.B. Paterson, illustrated by Bruce Whatley

Whilst it is important that young Aussie readers are constantly offered new and contemporary reading material, it is also important that they are offered a glimpse into Australia’s literary heritage. This new release from ABC Books offers just that, with a nicely illustrated collection of the best of A. B. (Banjo) Paterson.

The collection includes both poems and short stories, and includes some that children may be familiar with – including Waltzing Matilda and Mulga Bill’s Bicycle and others which they are unlikely to have come across, including Weary Will and The Geebung Polo Club. There are offerings which offer an insight into Australia’s past, exploring rural life, transport, and more – including In the Droving Days and Arrival at Illalong – and others which kids will love for their humour – including The Bush Christening and The Man from Ironbark.

The black and white illustrations by Bruce Whatley bring the tales to life, using a combination of serious illustrations and comic-style humorous pictures. There is also a brief biography of Paterson.

This a collection which would be great for classroom and library collections, but would also be wonderful addition to any child’s home library.

Mulga Bill’s Bicycle and other Classics, by A. B. ‘Banjo’ Paterson, illustrated by Bruce Whatley
ABC Books, 2005