Olive and the Grey Water Affair, by Tim Levy

Now then children, I’ve called this special assembly to tell you about an important change at this school…Mt Kimberly Primary is to go into a Water Emergency, Level 8. We are to conserve water at all costs. From next Monday, we will be turning off all bubblers, hoses, fountains, the boys’ urinals and all other non-critical systems. Questions?

Olive has one, but she’s too scared to ask. The school Principal, Mrs Tote, doesn’t like to be challenged, so her pronouncement that no water is to be used at school seems final. But when Olive sees that the trees and plants are dying, and the birds have all flown away, she decides something must be done. With an unlikely ally – the Principal’s pet – she comes up with a novel scheme to bring grey water to school to keep the gardens alive.

Olive and the Grey Water Affair is a fun story with an important message about water conservation for primary school aged children. The book is, however, much more than simply a story. As well as Olive’s tale, there are games and activities to keep readers busy on their travels – whether by road, rail or air – and tips for making travelling more comfortable, including hints for avoiding travel sickness.

The humour of the story and the silliness of some of the suggestions – there is even a page to sleep on – are well complemented by the humorous illustrations by Luke Jurevicius. Kids will love the fun of this offering – parents will love it for keeping kids entertained, whilst also offering a subtle learning experience.

Olive and the Grey Water Affair, by Tim Levy
Random House, 2005