So Gross – Over 100 Gross-worthy Facts

What is phlegm?
Why do some poos float and others sink?
How does vomit get from your stomach to your throat?

These are not the sort of questions we expect in polite conversation, but they are the sorts of questions many kids want answers to. And, because they are exactly the sort of questions which So Gross answers, the book is sure to appeal to primary aged children.

There are answers to over 100 similarly gross questions, which will keep kids entertained long after they have read them. How do I know? My nine year old recently read this one and has been telling me all sorts of ‘interesting’ facts about vomit, blood and other bodily functions ever since.

Whilst adult readers may find the book a little base, it is a good lesson in biology and is sure to get reluctant readers reading. Each question is answered in a paragraph or two of easy to understand text and is complemented by colourful cartoon style illustrations.

The questions answered in So Gross were chosen from questions submitted by young readers to DMAG magazine.

So Gross: Over 100 Gross-worthy Facts
Scholastic, 2005