Warrior, by Jennifer Fallon

Once Marla was a princess with no power – just a pawn in a male-dominated world. Now, though, she has become the power behind Hythria’s throne. But while she is playing her political game, Alija, the High Arrion of the Sorcerer’s Collective, is busily plotting her downfall.

There are other problems, too. Marla’s son, Damin, is being brought up in his uncle Mahkas’ house, but Mahkas is obsessed with his desire to see Damin marry his daughter. And Marla’s closest ally, Elezaar the Fool, is facing a crisis of his own.

Warrior is the second title in Jennifer Fallon’s Hythrun Chronicles. Like the first, it is a well-woven complex fantasy tale, with plots and subplots woven tightly together to keep the reader absorbed from start to finish.

An enthralling read.

Warrior, by Jennifer Fallon
Voyager, 2005