Laugh Out Loud! Camp Quality

What did the astronaut eat for breakfast?
An unidentified Frying Object.

What is a monkey’s favourite ice-cream?
Chocolate chimp.

What biscuit can fly?
A plain biscuit.

Laugh Out Loud is filled with jokes just like the three above – plenty of old well-known jokes, but just as many that kids will not have heard before. Many have been contributed by celebrities from around Australia – including Rove McManus, Gretel Killeen, Wendy Harmer, Andrew Daddo and many more.

The book has been produced by Camp Quality, a non-profit group which provides recreational, educational and financial support programs to children living with cancer and their families. All royalties from the sale of the book will go to Camp Quality.

As well as supporting a great cause and getting lots of good value laughs, readers will enjoy the sound chip inside the cover which plays the laughter of ‘Giggle’, Camp Quality’s mascot, when the book is opened. They will also enjoy the novelty of being able to choose the colour of the cover – which is available in six different colours.

Every household should buy a copy to support this worthy cause.

Laugh Out Loud! Camp Quality
Scholastic Australia, 2006