Victor's Quest, by Pamela Freeman

“My mother’s sending me on a quest,” Prince Victor said gloomily. He bit into the pumpkin scone Marigold had just handed him. “Mum says if I’m going to take over the queendom from her I have to find myself a princess to marry who’ll show a bit of sense.”

Prince Victor is not very bright and not very happy. His mother, the queen, is sending him on a quest. Fortunately he has a smart horse, Quince, and is armed with some potions made by his friend Marigold. Victor and Quince venture bravely into the Dark Forest of Nevermore, where there is plenty of trouble afoot, and where somebody needs help.

Victor’s Quest is a delightful fantasy book for younger readers. First published in 1996, it has been republished by Walker Books Australia, and is likely to appeal to young readers as much now as it did twelve years ago. As well as adventure, humour and appealing characters, the story is brought to life in grey scale illustrations by Kim Gamble.

A wonderful offering for primary aged readers.

Victor's Quest

Victor’s Quest, by Pamela Freeman, ill by Kim Gamble
Walker Books, 2008

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