502 More Great Aussie Jokes

Did you hear about the optimistic kangaroo?
It hopped for the best.

Who would open the batting for the Aussie animal cricket team?
Wombat and numbat.

Where did the gum tree go for its holiday?
To the beech.

502 More Great Aussie Jokes is the fourth joke book produced by Scholastic Australia to support Camp Quality, a charity which assist children living with cancer.

Like previous offerings, this one is full of jokes, with some contributed by Aussie celebrities including Kate Richie, Matt Moran and Lote Tuqiri. Jokes are organised into categories including sport, animals, school, knock-knocks and more. Illustrations are comic style line drawings, provided by Louis Shea.

At just $9.99 rrp and, in support of such a good case, this is an offering well worth buying for a jokester in your life.

502 More Great Aussie Jokes

502 More Great Aussie Jokes
Scholastic Australia, 2009

This book can be purchased online from Fishpond.