Morgassa's Folly, by Paul Collins & Danny Wills

Allira reached out with her hand (later, Steven told her she hadn’t moved at all, nor had she opened her eyes) and shook one of the biggest threads. A thrill of electricity shot through her when she touched it, and it made her think of sherbet fizzing on the tongue. She watched as a ripple of movement flowed along the thread, sending more ripples down adjoining filaments, till they were lost in the forest.
The music stopped. The light went out. Allira opened her eyes.

In the third book in World of Grrym, Allira and her brother Steven had taken in on themselves to return to Grrym, in a last-ditch effort to save Quibbitt and rescue their grandfather. Soon, Alisha is driving her grandfather’s car across Grrym, being pursued by an evil troll, and encountering all sorts of problems, as they try to find the Great Spirit, Quon’deesh. Only Quon’deesh, a mystical entity, is powerful enough to stop the evil Morgassa. But Allira and Steven are running out of time to stop Morgassa’s plans to ruin Quibbitt City.

With beautiful black and white illustrations, and a rich purple hardcover binding, this is both visually a pleasing offering and an action-packed read. Whilst its sequential nature means it is most likely to appeal to those who have read the first two, front of book summaries of the two previous instalments provide an introduction to those new to the series, as well as jogging the memories of those who have read them.

Morgassa's Folly (World of Grrym)

Morgassa’s Folly (World of Grrym), by Paul Collins and Danny Willis
Five Mile Press, 2009

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