Bungawitta, by Emily Rodda

It was very dry in Bungawitta. It had been dry so long that Glory-Alice, the youngest person in town, had only seen rain on TV. It had been dry so long that old Maisie Macduff, nodding and dreaming on her front verandah, sometimes thought she had made rain up.

Bungawitta is shrinking. As the land dries up, so does the town. Nearly all of the animals are gone. The paddocks are dry. The plants are dying. And most of the people are gone, too. Now there are only twelve people left. If they don’t do something the town will die.

Jay might be young but he has a big idea. Bungawtta needs to hold a festival. People will come and see how good the town is – and they’ll spend money, too, which will keep the town going. But the day of the Earth Sculpture Festival is full of surprises.

Bungawitta is a heart-filled humorous tale of community and friendship, as the twelve different residents of Bungawitta each do their bit to ensure Bungawitta’s survival.

From one of Australia’s best-loved children’s authors, and illustrated by equally well loved illustrator Craig Smith, this is an outstanding offering for primary aged readers.


Bungawitta , by Emily Rodda
Omnibus, 2011
ISBN 9781862918337

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