The Search for Bigfoot Bradley, by Dean Gorissen

There was once a little boy with big feet.
He didn’t know why or where or who he got them from,
but he had really, really, really big feet.

Bradley has the biggest feet anyone has ever had. He doesn’t know where he got them from – he doesn’t even know where he came from. But now he lives with Axel and Rainbow and soon his big feet see him having all sorts of adventures – from being bullied by the hat gang to playing at the Football World Cup.

Search For Bigfoot Bradley is a whimsical picture book based on a premise which young readers will enjoy – a kid with supersized feet, and the challenges and possibilities that can pose. Bradley’s unlikely new friend – the bully from across the road – also turns out to have an unexpected problem, in tiny ears he keeps hidden under his hat, adding to the humour and the final twist.

This is illustrator Dean Gorissen’s first foray into writing and is likely to be well received by youngsters.

Search For Bigfoot Bradley

Search For Bigfoot Bradley, by Dean Gorissen
Windy Hollow, 2011
ISBN 9781921136702

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