Laugh Out Loud! Camp Quality

What did the astronaut eat for breakfast?
An unidentified Frying Object.

What is a monkey’s favourite ice-cream?
Chocolate chimp.

What biscuit can fly?
A plain biscuit.

Laugh Out Loud is filled with jokes just like the three above – plenty of old well-known jokes, but just as many that kids will not have heard before. Many have been contributed by celebrities from around Australia – including Rove McManus, Gretel Killeen, Wendy Harmer, Andrew Daddo and many more.

The book has been produced by Camp Quality, a non-profit group which provides recreational, educational and financial support programs to children living with cancer and their families. All royalties from the sale of the book will go to Camp Quality.

As well as supporting a great cause and getting lots of good value laughs, readers will enjoy the sound chip inside the cover which plays the laughter of ‘Giggle’, Camp Quality’s mascot, when the book is opened. They will also enjoy the novelty of being able to choose the colour of the cover – which is available in six different colours.

Every household should buy a copy to support this worthy cause.

Laugh Out Loud! Camp Quality
Scholastic Australia, 2006

Laugh-a-licious – Jokes for Kids, by Tim Trewartha

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Genoa who?
Genoa any new jokes?

Kids love jokes. And although there is no shortage of joke books on the market, there is always room for another.

Laugh-a-licious is a well organised collection, with the jokes arranged by themes and the knock-knocks presented in alphabetical order. Themes include school, animals, mealtimes and – a section which kids will love – gross jokes, presented in a chapter called Snot Funny.

Trewartha endeavours to present new jokes, rather than overdone ones which kids may already know. The design of the book, with a range of page backgrounds, cartoon-style illustrations at the beginning of each chapter and a good-sized font, makes it easy to browse and enjoy.

Laugh-a-licious will appeal to kids aged 8 to 12, and would be a good offering for a reluctant reader.

Laugh-a-licious: Jokes for Kids, by Tim Trewartha
Ibis Publishing, 2004

The Enormous Book of Hot Jokes for Kool Kids, by Andy Jones

Q. What’s better than a good joke?
A. Hundreds of good jokes.

The Enormous Book of Hot Jokes for Kool Kids is jam packed with hundreds of jokes for kids. Contributed by kids from all over Australia and compiled by Andy Jones, there are jokes on every subject imaginable.

On offer are knock knocks, Doctor Doctor jokes, chicken (and other beasts) crossing the road jokes, animal jokes, computer jokes, school jokes – in fact jokes on a vast array of topics. These are complemented with the comic illustrations of Mike Spoor and Stephen Axelsen.

Created from a compilation of five earlier Hot Jokes books by Andy Jones, this volume is sure to be well received by 8 to 12 year old readers.

The Enormous Book of Hot Jokes for Kool Kids, by Andy Jones
ABC Books, 2004

A Taste

Q Why did Polly put the kettle on?
A Because she didn’t have anything else to wear.

Q What’s a pig’s favourite sport?
A Hamball

Wicked Jokes and Wicked Rhymes & Knock Knocks

What do you call a sick bird?
An ill-eagle.

What does a hippy pea say?
Peas dude!

Kids love jokes, and these two little books are filled with jokes contributed by kids from all over the world. From the plain silly to the hilarious, kids of all ages will find plenty of jokes they haven’t heard, as well as revisiting some they have.

The jokes have been chosen by webmistress Kate Booker, from those contributed to her highly succesful website wicked4kids. With 70 000 children visiting the site every month, wicked4kids is a great success. Booker, in recognition of the popularity of the jokes section of the site, invited children to contribute jokes for consideration and received an overwhelming response. The result is these two books.

Each book has 125 pages of jokes and is small enough to be slipped in a pocket or backpack. At just $7.95 (rrp) they are also a great buy!

Wicked Jokes 4 Kids and Wicked Rhymes & Knock Knocks 4 Kids, by Kate Booker (&Kids)
ABC Books, 2003